Supporting Local Farmers

One vision for the future of Luce Farm is to be able to support other local farmers and uplift the community around us.

As we came to the end of our crop from 2017, we were searching for the same high quality hemp that we produce at Luce Farm and we are so pleased to have found Northeast Kingdom Hemp. They are able to supply us with the same high quality strain of hemp that we grow here at Luce Farm.



Northeast Kingdom Hemp is based in Barton, VT and they grow organically, using high CBD strains, as we also do here at Luce Farm. NEK Hemp’s goal is not only to produce the highest quality CBD, but also to be able to help their community and revitalize the land of neighboring farms. They are fifth generation Vermont farmers and are proud to continue working the land in a sustainable way.


We see the purpose and potential that hemp has for the state of Vermont and we feel so grateful there are other farmers out there who are also trying to leave a positive mark on their land and communities.


“We feel so lucky to be able to live in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and to be able to work as a family, doing something that helps so many people.” -NEK Hemp



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