Meet The Luce Farm Team

Meet the Luce Farm team

Behind all of our high quality products are the team members who nourish the plants, make deliveries, package the product and keep Luce Farm running. Our team is passionate about being honest, thoughtful and creative to serve you the best CBD products available. Our customers mean a lot to us and we love being able to meet you and chat, so we thought you all would want to me US! We’re giving you a peak into our world and the people behind the products you love.


Joe oversees all parts of the business from planting in the fields and tending the animals, to running markets and business meetings. He loves to be hands on in the fields as much as possible and helping to restore the farm they now call home. Joe’s  favorite time of year is in the summertime after the plantings have finished and he can end his day at the river with his family. His favorite Luce Farm product is the MCT hemp extract. He uses it sublingually and in his coffee.


Rebecca is a key player in sales, marketing, fulfillment and most importantly raising two cute kids on the farm. She has an incredible eye for implementing beauty on the farm and she loves being able to live and work on such a special and historic farm. Her favorite time of year in Vermont is springtime because it’s the rebirth after our very cold Vermont winters. Summer is also a favorite time of year for Rebecca because of the warm weather and the access to fresh and delicious foods. Currently Rebecca’s favorite is the hemp honey which she enjoys in her coffee or right off the spoon.

Chris C. 

photo: The Vermont Standard

Chris’ primary role is in sales and distribution but he can be found helping out in all aspects of Luce Farm. You can find him on the road opening new accounts and making deliveries or at the farm lending a hand. Chris is a fan of all seasons in VT, but his favorite time of year is late summer/early fall because it is still warm and sunny during the day, but getting cooler at night and it means his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is right around the corner. His favorite Luce Farm products are coconut oil or MCT in his coffee in the morning, and at night the hemp honey goes in a cup of team or a glass of warm water and apple cider vinegar.


Sophie runs the social media, marketing and PR for Luce Farm. She is an experienced farmer and is always willing to help out and get her hands dirty. She loves being able to photograph the farm and share the beauty with everyone. Her favorite time of year in Vermont is the beginning of summer, right as the trees turn green, the hiking is great and it’s just getting warm enough to be able to jump in the river. Sophie’s favorite Luce Farm product is the balm because it can be used on sore muscles or as a facial moisturizer.


Mike is our main guy in the kitchen working on bottling products, labeling and finding ways to stay efficient and keep up with the demand. He also enjoys being able to get out in the fields during the season and help out with harvesting and trimming when we need him. Mike enjoys all seasons in Vermont because they are all unique in their own way (including mud season!). His most used Luce Farm product is our coconut oil because its so versatile, although he likes to experiment with them all.


This is Chris’ second year working for Luce Farm and is involved in every step of the growing process from starting the seeds through harvest time and trimming of the plants. He’s a hard worker who takes great care of the plants during every stage. His favorite time of year in Vermont is the summer because he loves kayaking, swimming and being barefoot. Chris’ favorite product is the hemp honey because he has always been a fan of raw honey and the CBD just makes it that much better.


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