What is Full Spectrum?

The power in our full spectrum hemp extract is undiluted. Selling and growing directly from our farm in Vermont, we offer the purest hemp-infused products available. From simple hemp extract tinctures to wellness-boosting delights, all of our Vermont CBD products are farm fresh. The difference between our Full Spectrum CBD and your average Vermont CBD oil is more nuanced than just the name. Get more insight from our  luce farm wellness blog.

Full Spectrum, CBD-Infused Oil Tinctures For Sale


Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil vs. Hemp Tincture… What’s The Difference?

CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp extract are a few different terms used to describe a seemingly similar product. It’s important to read the fine print and do your research when you are shopping for CBD tinctures, because different hemp companies will use different methods of extracting CBD and creating their “CBD oil”. At Luce Farm Wellness, we use the whole hemp plant in our extraction method, so the result is a full-spectrum blend that contains all of the beneficial compounds found in the hemp plant, not just the CBD. This includes terpenes, flavanoids, and more that help give our tincture it’s flavor, aroma, and additional wellness benefits.

What Makes Our Tinctures Unique?

Cannabidinol (CBD) is just one among many powerful properties of the cannabis plant. Along with CBD, our products also contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids offered by the plant. Working together, all of these elements combine to deliver powerful plant support not found in other oils that contain only CBD. Luce Farm tinctures contain much more than CBD, and every molecule is wholly Vermont-raised. That’s why we sell full spectrum hemp-infused extract, and not simply CBD oil.

Everything we make, we test with third-party scientists. Check back soon for more information on how our products test.

Powerful on the body, gentle on the land

We source all of our hemp directly from our farm in Stockbridge, Vermont, where we grow and harvest according to time-tested organic and sustainable practices. By raising our hemp organically and sustainably, we contribute to the longstanding tradition of restorative agriculture in Vermont.

We are organic from germination (starting seeds) to extraction (taking all that plant matter and infusing oils with it). Our plants spend their lives in soil boosted with manure from our farm animals, not chemical fertilizers. That’s why we’ve even made a hemp extract for our pets! By cultivating outdoors, our hemp plants receive the benefits of direct sunlight and hydration from natural springs — not sprinklers.

Producing Vermont hemp products at scale requires heavy cultivation of the plant. Our farming approach minimizes harmful effects on our landscape and ecosystems. In this way, we can offer powerful Vermont help oils that are gentle on the land. To us at Luce Farm, wellness products that don’t contribute to the wellness of the earth are contradictory to say the least. Our full-spectrum hemp-infused tinctures bring benefits from a healthy Vermont farm and deliver them straight to you.

Find Luce Farm Wellness CBD Products Near You

To learn more about our products, peruse our website, or find us at a store near you. Dispensaries, coffee shops, and smoothie joints all stock our products so don’t worry if you don’t have a weed shop nearby — we’re out there!

We believe deeply in our products and in the power of Vermont-grown hemp. As a farm-centered operation, our outlook is focused on helping organisms thrive, be that a cannabis plant, or a human body. We look forward to becoming a part of your wellness practice.