Hemp-Infused CBD Coconut Oil

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Our Hemp-Infused CBD Coconut Oil is fully organic and contains about 10mg of CBD per quarter teaspoon serving. Most effective when used directly on your skin.

Made via a simple process using 100% organic coconut oil. Infused with our own full spectrum CBD extract, this makes a wonderful organic blend perfectly suited to deliver the full range of benefits directly to the area of your body that is affected most.

Replace your standard cooking coconut oil and use CBD infused oil in your cooking or baking recipe. Apply it to your skin as a topical or eat a spoonful a day to let it build up in your system. The choice is yours! Learn more about our Hemp-Infused CBD Coconut Oil.

Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. Consult your physician if you have a medical condition or take prescription drugs. Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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17 reviews for Hemp-Infused CBD Coconut Oil

  1. Anita (verified owner)

    I received a jar as a gift–found the balm helped with arthritis in my knees, the residual soreness in my healed broken elbow, and in the ball of my foot and toes where I have problem with muscles and joints. Helps me sleep.

  2. Shalom (verified owner)

    I have been using CBD for various aches and pains for awhile. It is an amazing substance and Luce creates an exceptional product. After I left Vermont for the winter, my plantar fascitis started to act up. I eventually tried the topical cream and the pain miraculously disappeared. I am now controlling twinges with a CBD massage and the pain disappears. I thought it would be important to share this and I wonder if other people have had this expeprience. Anyway, I’m telling all my friends about Luce Farm. Plantar fascitis is a nasty condition that the ointment seems to be healing…

  3. Jo

    I admit I was a bit skeptical about using this initially to help control the pain my knee is causing me until it finally undergoes joint replacement, but having used it for over a year now I realize how much relief it brings. I use it twice a day, just rub it on my knee area, morning and at night, and it works! Thank you for providing great customer service and a high quality product. Right here in our ‘back yard” too.

  4. Megan Randall

    I love this stuff! I have arthritis in my hands and at 69, it’s beginning to get worse, especially in springtime when I’m planting and doing so many gardening projects. I use Luce Farm oil two or three times a day. It’s so comforting, plus my hands are softer!

  5. Irma Nagle

    I first used this about 1 1/2 years ago. I received this as a gift. I have severe arthritis and I needed a knee replacement. After using this topically for a few weeks, the pain decreased dramatically! I was in tears and the pain was a 10 most days. My husband approached me late one day in early spring and asked me what I was doing. I replied that I was working the soil. What he meant was that I was usually off my feet at that point of the day because the pain was so bad. That was when I realized the extent of the relief that I got from this little jar! I still use it ….I need to order more!!!

  6. Rainor

    This is the most effective product for the crippling pain I suffer from with leg spasms.As soon as pain starts,this oil is what I first rub on to stop to stop spasms.It gets deep into the bone to relax the cramping,which at the time is extremely painful.Unable to take any meds for this issue,I am always looking for help elsewhere.Finding your little Jar of oil has been a blessing I am most grateful for.Thank you for this,and for the care and understanding of how to combine your hemp with the other ingredients.I have tried different cbd oil,with no results.Your products are far superior than any others.I hope to never be without your products.

  7. Nina Gibans (verified owner)

    I have cerebral palsy and this is best pain reliever I have ever used. I am ordering it so that the nursing satff can apply it!

  8. Eric

    My pain was excessive now it’s gone! I love this product so much. It is worth the price!

  9. Nina Gibans (verified owner)


  10. Ari

    Picked this up at the CBD store near Waterbury VT. I was worried it wouldn’t work and I’d be out the money but I am blown away by how effective this product is. I’m planning on restocking because I’ve been using it twice a day topically and it’s made a huge difference in my anxiety/depression. I really hope it continues to help as much as it is since I started last week. My family notices how much calmer and more relaxed I’ve been and I’m enjoying being able to really laugh and play with my kids instead of pretending to enjoy it while thinking of and feeling guilty for the 100 other things that need to be done or are falling behind. Thank you for this. It’s a wonderful tool against anxiety.

  11. Margaret Hickey

    Find that this works wonders on nerve pain from spinal stenosis. I give my anxious little dog a quarter teaspoon with his breakfast and he is much calmer. We had been giving him fluoxetine (doggy Prozac) and the CBD seems to work better and I am much happier giving him this!! I do think even topically, it seems to make me calmer as well!! Great stuff and Vermont grown and produced!!!!

  12. Johanna Rosman

    I am a breast cancer survivor – 6 years from my original surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I had some reconstruction surgery in April 2018 and it’s been a terrible healing ordeal this time around. My breast was hot, red, burning, inflamed and very uncomfortable. I use this oil topically every morning and sometimes before bed. Pain and redness has been greatly reduced. I know it’s really working because when I stopped (because I ran out) my symptoms came back immediately. I also have tried other topicals and this one seems superior in potency and for me is just more effective. This oil has helped me tremendously! I am a surgical nurse and I have recommended this oil to friends, family and fellow BC survivors. I plan on ordering this directly now as my local herb store in Brooklyn is marking it up a bit and they don’t always have it in stock. Thank you for this wonderful product. I only wish my health insurance would cover this product.

  13. Irma

    I received a jar of Hemp Infused Oil as a gift. I have severe arthritis and was having difficulty walking with a brace and as cane. I started using this topically and didn’t notice any difference until about 2 weeks later. I no longer use a brace or my cane. The pain level has dropped from a 10+ to a much more manageable level of 5-7. To me, this is a miracle! I am able to work full days and still be able to function when I get home! I still need a knee replacement, but for the time being, CBD oil is helping me move that date further down the road!

  14. Maria breakell

    Just ordered your product from a local. Store. Can’t wait to try it !

  15. Nancy Hylton

    This product is amazing. I have moderate-severe RA from 1998 which is well controlled on Enbrel, but have increasing osteoarthritic changes in joints. I have needed to increase Tylenol and more recently Tramadol for what my Rheumatologist calls “wear and tear.” Since starting to use Hemp oil topically I have totally reduced my use of pain meds and been able to work actively in t he garden. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

  16. Chris

    My wife and I LOVE the Hemp Coconut Oil! We use this in our coffee and tea, for cooking, or as a topical solution. Highly recommended! Thanks, Luce Farm!

  17. Jay

    I love this product, it’s just as effective apply topically as it is ingested. And the taste isn’t over powering, I topically simply eat a half tea spoon at a time and feel great all day.

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