Hemp-Infused Honey

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Vermont CBD Honey For Sale

6 fl. oz: 360mg CBD total

Our CBD-infused Hemp Honey is the perfect natural sweetener for your morning tea, coffee, or to eat right off the spoon. We blend our high quality, full-spectrum CBD hemp extract, with certified organic coconut oil and raw Vermont honey. Each teaspoon of honey contains 10 mg of CBD for a total of 360 mg of CBD per 6 oz. jar.

Not only do we manufacture our full product line right here in Vermont, but ALL of our hemp is grown, processed, extracted and tested in Vermont, too!


Not for use during pregnancy or lactation. Consult your physician if you have a medical condition or take prescription drugs.  Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease

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16 reviews for Hemp-Infused Honey

  1. Hortencia Heyduck

    I am a mother and this helped me!

  2. Erica (verified owner)

    This is a great sleeping aid. I have it every night in my tea before bed.

  3. Margie L

    Since I have been using the honey in my tea in the evening, I have been able to get to sleep easier. And I haven’t any acid-reflux.

  4. Judy M

    The best remedy for inflammation, chronic back pain (I suffer from Arthritis, Lyme and Stenosis), digestive issues and anxiety. It truly works better than any medication (OTC or Scipt) than any doctors have recommended. A friend recommended Luce Farm and their products to me. It took me 6 months to try. I wish I had tried earlier. Also, our cat (who is in his 20;s) suffers from seizures. We tried this remedy and, as long as consistent, he is seizure free. I can’t speak highly enough about Luce Farm and their Hemp Honey!

  5. Kyrie Lizik

    I love this product.

  6. Lisa L

    1) High Quality Product
    2) Outstanding Customer Service
    3) This honey is delicious and 1 tsp.in the morning calms my anxiety very well. I will definitely order Luce Farm products online again. Thank you…

  7. Spencer B

    Wow! I bought some of this from Golden Buddha Yoga in Ocean City, New Jersey… what an incredible product! I mixed into my tea as usual and I felt it wash through my body within 10 mins. I will be using this every morning! I’m excited to see how it aides with sleep as well…

  8. Alyce

    Can’t say enough good things about this honey. The shipping was incredibly fast. I have some honey with my breakfast almost every day and it has helped reduce my anxiety enormously. My sleep has improved as well. Thank you Luce Farms!

  9. Eva Guillemette

    My husband and I were introduced to this honey after the Long Trail Brewery Century Ride. I had been suffering from a headache induced by the long ride. I sampled this product. This honey is delicious but beyond that within 10 minutes my headache was gone. I purchased the product for my daughter to use as she suffers from migraines. Highly recommend this product and found that the manufacturer is extremely knowledgeable and very down to earth. I wish them great success!!!

  10. VT

    Delicious honey that I love to enjoy in an afternoon tea – it helps me focus throughout the afternoon.

  11. VT

    Delicious honey that I love to enjoy in an afternoon tea – help me focus throughout the afternoon.

  12. Raymond Pelletier

    Awesome combination of goodness,acquired at the necc. show in Boston,I absolutely love this product all around ,I use it in my coffee in the morning for pain relief on top of my other cbd products,great tasting & medicated all in one

  13. Olivia

    This is the best honey I’ve had hands down! It has a smooth texture and great taste. Goes into my tea and any other recipe I make that requires a sweetener.

  14. Sarah & Brenton

    Most delicious honey we have ever tried! We love it over our yogurt & fruit in the morning.

  15. Nora

    The perfect sweetener for a cup of tea or coffee. I’ve also used it in recipes that require small amounts of honey. Love it!

  16. Laura Gould

    My husband and I love your honey. We especially enjoy it with our Putuo Cha, Buddhas Tea a wonderful green tea we found at Dobra, it compliments it perfectly. Thank you for the delicious blend, and your sustainable, organic philosophy…we can feel the love in every teaspoon.

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