Hemp Infused Coconut Oil: Simple & Versatile

One of our most simple yet versatile products is our hemp infused coconut oil. With only two ingredients, organic coconut oil and our full spectrum hemp extract, it is a pure and simple way to enjoy the benefits of CBD, either topically or as an edible.

Our 2.3 fl oz jar contains 500 mg of CBD. With only ¼ teaspoon equaling 10 mg of CBD, a little bit goes a long way.

Topically, it can be applied locally for aches and pains, or used to calm skin irritations such as bug bites and sunburns. Warm the oil in your hands to soften it up then massage over the area.

Along with the benefits that CBD has shown, coconut oil also has been shown to help reduce inflammation internally and externally.

As an edible, it’s a great addition to coffee or tea, especially if you want to avoid sweeteners. It’s great for folks who prefer to drink their coffee black too. Coconut oil contains an abundance of healthy fats that provide long lasting energy. Try mixing it into a warm bowl of oatmeal or drizzled over a thick piece of toast with peanut butter and bananas.

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