The Special Place Your Hemp Comes From

“Everyday as I come up over the hill, Luce Farm presents itself to me washed in morning light and I feel a sense of purpose and pride. Being able to work the land and share the story with you has been such an incredible experience. 6 weeks ago I took on the role of telling our story and photographing the beauty of the farm. I hope through my words and photographs, I can bring a piece of the farm to you.

In between lush rolling hills sits a yellow farmhouse with grey and red barns doting the property. The view from the top of the hill might take your breath away as you look out from Music Mountain. Lilacs blossom next to thorny raspberry bushes and the gardens up front are full of vegetable seedlings and herbs. The goats roam the pastures, clearing brush and fertilizing the land they graze. Hemp grows on the hillside feeding off our natural streams and Vermont sunlight. This land is where it all begins.

Luce Farm dates back to the year 1826. The farmers here used to operate as a dairy farm, while also maple sugaring and growing hops. We are the third family to live and work on this farm and we feel very grateful for the opportunity. One of our main goals and purposes behind Luce Farm is to restore the buildings and property, as well as working the land in the most sustainable and regenerative way possible. We hope you enjoy following our journey as we continue to grow as farmers, business owners, friends, mothers, fathers and stewards of the land.” -Sophie

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