8 Ways to Relieve Anxiety when it hits - Luce Farm Wellness

8 Ways to Relieve Anxiety when it hits - Luce Farm Wellness

7th Mar 2022

We all know that dreaded, sinking feeling when anxiety sets in. A feeling that’s becoming more, and more common in today’s modern world of everyday stresses. A feeling that can deepen with dread, with no clear way to relieve it.

What can help is knowing alternative, holistic, and proven ways to relieve the mind of day-to-day stresses and those anxious feelings whenever they may appear.

That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide to stress and anxiety relief activities, to learn how to reduce anxiety naturally. Keep reading to find out what to do when anxiety hits.

The Best 8 Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Get your mind off anxieties, and re-channel your energy into a different mindset. Learn how to reduce anxiety in the moment with these top 8 stress-relieving methods.

Check Out With Hobbies

You might think going home, and tuning out with the TV is the best way to drown out the noise of anxious feelings. But, sometimes that can make it worse. Especially in light of new studies proving that screen time and smartphone use can increase stress levels and is associated with

lower psychological well-being” overall.

Instead, check out from your anxiety with a hobby that lifts your spirits without the social or emotional overload. You can try something as simple as drawing or journaling, or get some extra art supplies to explore your creative side with painting, crocheting, or knitting.

the use of therapy dogs

Get Cozy With Furry Friends

There’s a good reason behind the rise in the use of therapy dogs, for relieving anxiety and improving mental health. In fact, studies show that when touching or getting cozy with your furry friends, your body releases oxytocin - a stress hormone that’s responsible for positive moods. By spending time with your pet (or someone else's) you can scientifically boost your mood and relieve lingering feelings of anxiety.

Observe Your Anxiety

As Dr. David H. Rosmarin, associate professor of psychology at Harvard says best, “When you worry about getting rid of your anxiety, you’re signaling your nervous system that you have even more to be anxious about. And that makes your anxiety worse.” One way he preaches to avoid this issue is to observe and accept your anxiety instead of hiding from it completely.

This method is most helpful in conjunction with the others on our list. First, you may meditate, or be mindful of the anxieties that exist in the mind. While then countering the observation with an activity to provide a much-needed distraction, and to elevate your mood. Dr. Rosmarin also recommends the act of observing and accepting your anxiety, as a long-term tool for those who are regularly anxious.

By having the tools to face your anxiety head-on, you won’t be as scared to approach and handle it again in the future. Therefore, lessening the power of anxious feelings over time.

Breathe Deeply

One tip that’s recommended by the Anxiety & Depression Association of America is simple. Just breathe. By inhaling and exhaling, slowly and deeply, you can reduce the physical and mental side-effects of suddenly feeling anxious. It also focuses your mind on your breath, instead of the thoughts that are stressing you out.

Breathing techniques are a common practice in yoga and meditation. Everyone has their own way of getting “into the zone” but if you need help, here’s a method you can try. In your mind, begin the countdown below:

  • First, think of five things you can see.
  • Second, think of four things you can touch.
  • Third, think of three things you can hear.
  • Then, think of two things you can smell.
  • Lastly, think of one thing you can taste.

Once you get into the rhythm of slow, long breaths, keep it going by exploring the senses. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel better connected to your surroundings with a calmer mind.

Drink Tea…Slowly

Teas don’t just taste good, they’re a proven way to decrease anxiety too. Recent studies show that chamomile tea and green tea both contain all-natural compounds that are effective for reducing stress and improving symptoms of anxiety. Plus, the act of drinking tea slowly lets you relax in the moment and soak in all the good tea-fueled sensations.

To add an extra boost of all-natural plant healing powers, infuse your tea with CBD Honey for extra stress and anxiety relief.

chamomile tea and green tea for anxiety relief

Cry it Out in the Shower

Let’s be honest, sometimes there’s nothing more relieving than a good ol’ fashioned cry sesh. So, turn on Adele, or your favorite mopey soundtrack and let the tears flow. Even better? Hop in the shower, and we don’t mean for the acoustics. Water can be incredibly calming, and without a beach, or lake nearby, showers or baths can be just as useful.

From self-pity to self-care, you can wash the bad feelings of anxiety away while feeling rejuvenated and refreshed to take on the day or call it a night. To enhance the experience, add some soothing CBD topicals to your post-cry shower or bath routine for elevated comfort.

Clear Out Clutter

The idea here is, when you clear out clutter from your living space, your mind is free of unnecessary messiness and anxious thoughts. Not to mention, by taking the time to focus on one task you can take your mind off of the situation that raised anxiety in the first place.

You don’t have to organize an entire room or space that will likely raise stress even more. It’s best to organize or clean something small and easy to tackle. Open up that junk drawer that’s been in disarray for quite some time, or clean out the kitchen cupboards to address the falling Tupperware each time you open it.

In the end, not only will you have a new coping mechanism to deal with anxiety, but a tidy space to alleviate extra stress searching and scouring for everyday items.

Sleep Better

The key to handling anything life throws your way in a more relaxed, calm manner is to get a sound night of rest. Improving your sleep and getting more of it, is another surefire way to relieve anxieties and a method that’s again recommended by the Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

But this can be a double-edged sword. As many people have trouble sleeping with their mind's racing from the day’s stresses. Luckily, CBD clinical trials for anxiety are proving that the all-natural cannabinoid is not only helpful for lengthening sleep duration for a rested mind but also for decreasing the time it takes to fall asleep too.

To improve CBD’s success, specially formulated CBD edibles for anxiety and sleep can help. Many of these CBD sleep gummies additionally contain melatonin, for an extra boost of sleepiness when you need it the most.

All-Natural Remedies for Everyday Relief

Now that you know practices to reduce anxiety, and some of the best stress and anxiety relief products, you’re on your way to harnessing all-natural remedies for everyday relief.

Be sure to bookmark, save, or print this list on “how to reduce anxiety naturally” to access the tips when you need them the most! Or, share with your most anxiety-ridden friends or family who could benefit from new calming routines.

As always, shop Luce Farm Wellness for plant-powered, full-spectrum hemp products specially formulated to bring you peace, from the inside out.