CBD for Pets - What Can CBD Do for Your Furry Friends?

CBD for Pets - What Can CBD Do for Your Furry Friends?

26th Jan 2022

Anyone with a pet knows - our furry friends are family. And, even more like us than most people realize. Pets can suffer from common aging ailments, like achy joints and muscles, stress and anxiety, and even have trouble sleeping or calming down in general…just like humans.

In fact, nearly one in four dogs suffer from arthritis with nearly 60% of all dogs showing some sort of sign or symptom. While the American Kennel Club estimates nearly 14% of dogs show symptoms of separation anxiety and can also suffer from other types of anxiety as well.

As humans recently began to harness the all-natural benefits of CBD for these types of aches and pains, it didn’t take long before discovering pets could too. So, how do pet CBD products work, what is the best pet CBD dosage, and what’s the latest research on efficacy?

Keep reading to learn why CBD products for pets are trending, and the truth behind the benefits.

How CBD Works for Pets

Even though most animals have four legs, are covered in fur, and have paws for hands, there’s one similarity to humans that is crucial to understand. That being, both humans and animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a lesser-known physiological system that’s primary goal is to promote balance between all other systems.

The ECS at its core is a network of receptors responsible for sending messages to and from other systems with the goal of achieving and maintaining “homeostasis”. Which is the scientific term for optimal balance within the body.

Just like humans, when pets consume CBD the cannabinoid interacts directly with these endocannabinoid receptors. Allowing its benefits to be felt from the inside, out. We’ve learned that CBD’s unique effects may be highly beneficial for a wide range of medical conditions, and everyday aches and pains for humans. But, what’s been proven for pets?

CBD for Pets, the research is even more behind. On the human side, what we know so far is CBD can be highly effective for relieving stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation and pain

CBD For Pets Research

As you may know, CBD research is still in its infancy after years of being considered an “illegal substance”. Which means, CBD for pets research is even more behind. On the human side, what we know so far is CBD can be highly effective for relieving stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation and pain, and promoting a sound sleep. Even more, CBD has been FDA approved in the form of Epidiolex to treat seizures.

Of course, animals can suffer from seizures and many of these common ailments too. So, here’s a breakdown of what research has uncovered so far as for CBD’s efficacy for pets:


It’s no surprise that arthritis is a common condition for pets and especially dogs. Especially for dogs with little legs, and big bodies, or for those who are overweight or aging. As pets get older, many begin to become less active due to joint soreness and arthritic aches and pains. Since CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory, it makes sense that it’s showing promise for treatment of arthritis in pets. One study recently proved that CBD was effective at relieving Osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs when administered a specific dose, twice daily.


On that same note, arthritis and other body-specific aches and pains can also plague the health of pets, and dogs specifically. In fact, IVDD or intervertebral disc disease is common amongst breeds like labradors, dachshunds, and beagles and can cause dogs to suffer from chronic pain. One study set out to explore CBD’s effect on this condition specifically and found that the natural plant cannabinoid was successful in providing relief. Solidifying these results, recently the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association published a report that pet owners cite CBD as the most effective for pain relief and sleep for their own pets.


Like humans, dogs and pets can suffer from conditions that cause frequent seizures. So, it’s a good thing that CBD’s ability to treat seizures has been one of the easiest to prove, and has since been approved for FDA use. Early studies show that CBD’s efficacy for human seizures is comparable to that for dogs. One recent study reported a “significant reduction” in seizure frequency, for a wide range of dog breeds after being given CBD.


CBD oil for pet anxiety is far less researched, however anecdotal evidence of its efficacy is compiling quickly. Whether pets become overridden with anxiety due to loud storms, fireworks, or from abuse in the past, pet owners are turning to the stress-relieving and anxiolytic effects of CBD to help. While the medical community recognizes CBD as a potential therapeutic for a variety of anxiety disorders in humans, more research needs to be conducted to definitively prove its exact effects on anxiety for pets.

Outside of the few studies that have been conducted, it’s important to know that CBD is also being explored for its relief and treatment of other conditions common to cats, and dogs, including:

  • Nausea
  • Appetite loss
  • Inhibiting tumor growth and managing side-effect symptoms of cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Skin conditions
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Behavior issues

CBD for Pets, the research is even more behind. On the human side, what we know so far is CBD can be highly effective for relieving stress and anxiety, reducing inflammation and pain

Using CBD Oil for Pets

Since 2017, when a World Health Organization report published that CBD “in its pure state” appears to be safe and well-tolerated for pets, a growing number of pet owners have been experimenting with its effects. With “pure” in mind, the best pet CBD products should always be third-party tested and free of harmful contaminants.

At Luce Wellness, we take quality to the next level, even for our pet CBD products. Our full-spectrum pet hemp oil is not only USDA Certified Organic, but contains only three ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. Rest assured, the full-spectrum formula contains less than 0.3% THC and includes minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds believed to enhance CBD’s efficacy. Even for pets.

Depending on your pet’s specific condition, pet CBD drops are recommended for day or nighttime use. The most common and effective way to administer pet CBD drops is sublingually (dropped under your pet’s tongue). This method has the highest bioavailability versus other consumption methods, as it doesn’t get metabolized by the digestive system that can break down delicate CBD molecules lessening its strength along the way.

With that said, you can still add pet CBD oil to their favorite food or treat, if your furry friend is opposed to taking the liquid drops. But how much, and what’s the appropriate pet CBD dosage? That’ll depend on the size and weight of your pet. As a general rule of thumb, some recommend starting with 1 - 2mg for every 10 pounds your pet weighs.

Like humans, it’s best to take it low and slow and gauge how CBD affects your pet individually, before raising pet CBD dosages. That might mean halving or quartering your pet’s initial dose and waiting at least 60 minutes before administering additional doses.

All Natural Pet Wellness

From pet beds to special blankets, doggy daycare, to insulated coats for the winter - most pet owners go above and beyond to keep their pets happy, stress-free and comfortable. So if your pet is showing signs of discomfort, or suffers from one of the common ailments we discussed today, why not try all-natural pet wellness to help?

Full-spectrum pet hemp oil, and CBD products for pets have never been more popular for this reason. Especially as an increasing number of owners continue to see pet CBD benefits first-hand. Of course, you’ll want to choose only the best pet CBD for your furry friends as you would for yourself.

So, consider Luce Farm Wellness where we take pride in producing hemp and CBD goods with the highest quality for holistic health benefits. Shop our human and pet CBD products now, and stay tuned for more CBD education by connecting with us socially on Facebook or Instagram!