Love Is In The Air- How to Use CBD For Sexual Wellness

Love Is In The Air- How to Use CBD For Sexual Wellness

9th Feb 2022

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard of mainstream CBD benefits like relieving pain, improving sleep, and reducing anxieties. But, hemp has a whole other side of benefits that are somewhat hush hush, or taboo in certain circles.

That being - the fact that CBD oil for sex and intimate wellness can be highly beneficial too. At Luce Farm Wellness, we’re hip to discussing any ways you can use hemp to its fullest. So, since it’s the month of love we thought we’d explore the passion side of CBD.

Keep reading to explore the top benefits of CBD for sex, and the research plus real-time reviews that back it.

CBD Benefits for Intimacy

“Getting in the mood” can be easier for some than for others. Especially considering, a number of mental and physical ailments or symptoms can hinder one’s sex drive or general interest in getting intimate. From anxiety to physical pain, to low libido, sometimes our state of health and wellness just isn’t as eager to get frisky under the sheets.

But recently, consumers are finding that hemp and cannabis can help heighten those feelings of arousal, by improving overall well-being. Allowing for both men and women to tap into their inner and natural sexual desires, more comfortably than before.

In fact, a 2018 study reported 68% of participants who consumed cannabis prior to sex reported a more pleasurable experience overall. Summarized by one of the researchers who said, “Consumption of small quantities [of marijuana] prior to sex may increase libido in female patients, which in turn can release positive endorphins and increase vaginal lubrication.”

As research rushes to catch up in proving what everyday consumers are feeling themselves - let’s dive into what we know so far about hemp and CBD effects on sex.

et’s dive into what we know so far about hemp and CBD effects on sex.

Alleviates anxieties

One of the main reasons why CBD is so popular today is for its ability to alleviate anxieties. Which can be helpful for sexual intimacy too. One group of researchers set out to prove this fact with a recent study published in the Culture, Health, and Sexuality Journal. In which the majority of participants who consumed cannabinoids before sex said it helped to “reduce feelings of anxiety and shame, and foster intimacy and connection with sexual partners.”

Increases sensations

CBD is a natural vasodilator - a fancy word to describe the act of opening blood vessels and increasing blood flow. With that description alone, you may already understand how CBD can increase sensations and make orgasms that much easier to achieve. And, because CBD interacts with our body’s endocannabinoid system and has the ability to “enhance the senses” - experts say it may enhance sexual desires and sensations, due to your sensitivity to touch becoming more “sensitive”.

Elevates moods

Overall, when you feel better you can perform better and enjoy sexual intimacy more too. When CBD enters your system, it directly influences, interacts and activates cannabinoid receptors found in your central nervous system that help function and regulate your mood. With CBD, you’re treated to a euphoric, optimal feeling of wellness that’s ideal for enhancing that special type of “mood” for intimacy.

Enhances Libido

Another system that’s regulated by the endocannabinoid system and thus affected by cannabinoids like CBD, is sexual reproduction. In addition, research has found natural cannabinoid receptors are abundant in areas of the brain that are responsible for sexual functionality, and even the testicles too. Medical experts are now further exploring if the connection may enhance libido, with positive results shown for women specifically thus far.

Relieves pain for comfort

For many, general discomfort or pain can hinder one’s ability to enjoy the good feelings that come along with intimacy. Luckily, two of the most profound CBD effects for general use, are just as effective for sex. CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory agent and analgesic, or pain reliever. Which means the cannabinoid can reduce inflammation, and relieve pain to make you feel more comfortable to connect with your partner.

CBD is a proven anti-inflammatory agent and analgesic, or pain reliever.

Best CBD for Sex - How to Use

As the CBD industry continues to advance, so does the variety of CBD products on the shelves. Today, consumers can reap the benefits of hemp through topical, and oral applications. Meaning, CBD for sex and intimacy can work from the inside and out.

To feel more comfortable inviting CBD into the bedroom, here are our favorite goods (including our limited edition collection!) and how they’re specially formulated to enhance those natural feelings of tender, loving care.

CBG Love Drop Gummies

CBG is another natural hemp plant cannabinoid that has its own unique effects just like CBD. One of those effects being the cannabinoid’s unique ability to strengthening anandamide. Anandamide is a natural physiological neurotransmitter that’s nicknamed in the scientific world as the ‘bliss molecule’.

That’s because it plays a pivotal role in increasing pleasures, motivation and relieving pain. By CBG strengthening the function of anandamide, it’s believed to enhance the feeling of ‘pleasure’ internally, and sexually, too.

Harness the power of nature’s made medicine to let your inhibitions flow freely, with these decadent raspberry CBG gummies. Keeping in mind that gummies or infused edibles take anywhere from 45 minutes - 1 hour to kick in, to time your evening or day of pleasures appropriately.

CBD Affection Oil

Who doesn’t love a sensual and satisfying massage? Especially when it comes with a boost of CBD for enhanced sensations, and soothing effects. Our CBD Affection Oil is specially crafted to do just that, and take your CBD for sex routine to the next level. Give your partner a long, arousing massage with the Affection Oil (bonus: it can also be used as a lube!) then slip one of our CBG Love Drop Gummies between their lips, relax and watch where the night takes you.

Charming Chocolate CBD Truffles

Nothing is more decadent and sensual than chocolate, especially when elevated with CBD. Make your special evening that much more luxurious with our Charming Chocolate CBD Truffles, that’ll help get you into the mood and make every moment in the bedroom a bit more blissful. 

CBD Oil for Sex

Good ol’ fashioned CBD oil for sex will work its own wonders for intimacy, too. When consuming CBD oil on a regular basis, or for a special evening of fun, it works to balance your health and wellness. When you feel better, you can perform better, and feel more comfortable mentally and physically to let loose for sexual intimacy and enhanced connections.

CBD for sex and intimacy can work from the inside and out.

CBD Coconut Oil

Beyond everyday CBD oil for sexual arousal, you can also implement the help of CBD Coconut Oil as an all-natural lubricant. Made with just two ingredients, and no artificial colors or flavors - you can feel good about feeling good with this organic CBD infused lube. Outside of the bedroom, CBD Coconut Oil can be used topically to target specific areas of soreness, and ingested or infused into everyday food items for additional relief.

Get in Touch With CBD Intimacy

There should be no shame in your game in enhancing an integral part of wellness - sexual intimacy. So, get in touch with those natural sensations of love and pleasure, with the help of CBD effects on sex. Over the years, experts and consumers alike have helped uncover the secret side of CBD for sex. Meaning, you can now put this information to good use in improving your relationships, or personal connections with love.

Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember by giving the gift of CBD to your partner (or self!). Shop Luce Farm Wellness’ limited edition collection of love-fueled CBD goods now, or integrate CBD into your everyday routines for improved sexual wellness year-round.