Tasty CBD Lattes to Brighten Your Day

Tasty CBD Lattes to Brighten Your Day

Posted by Susan Shillue on 8th Feb 2019

Elevate your latte game with these three hemp infused concoctions. Whether it's to start your day or to wind it down, one of these lattes will be sure to make you smile.

Three hemp lattes on yellow tablecloth with vase of flowersCBD matcha latte with hemp extract

Minty Matcha


- 1 ½ teaspoons matcha powder

- ¼ cup hot water

-¾ cup warm milk of your choice

-serving of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Peppermint

Sift matcha into a cup. Add hot water and whisk/froth until there are no lumps. Stir in milk and one serving of our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with Peppermint and enjoy.

CBD latte with turmeric and hemp oil

Turmeric Sunshine


-3/4 cups coconut milk

-3/4 cups almond milk

-3/4 tsp ground turmeric

-¼ tsp ground ginger

-¼ tsp ground cinnamon

-1/2 tsp coconut oil

-1/2 tsp Hemp Infused Coconut Oil

-pinch ground black pepper

In a small saucepan, add coconut milk, almond milk, ground turmeric, ground ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil, black pepper, and sweetener of choice.

Whisk to combine and warm over medium heat. Heat until hot to the touch but not boiling, whisking frequently. Pour and enjoy!

CBD latte with espresso and Luce Farm hemp extract

Coffee Mocha Latte


-8 ounces of brewed coffee

-1 teaspoon cacao powder

-¼ cup almond milk

- serving size of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

-dash of maple syrup

Add all ingredients into blender. Blend, pour and enjoy!